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Chapter 16: Exposed

Nate practically threw the almost unconscious Alex into their small orange tent. The young blonde was exhausted, perhaps not used to so much physical exercise and fresh air. He half-opened his eyes and crawled into the double sleeping bag Simon had so kindly (and slyly) provided them with. Nate followed him, slowly crawling into the tent on his hands and knees. He hovered next to the opening for a moment, watching Alex as his eyes drifted shut and his breathing slowed, and lay down on top of the sleeping bag beside him, making sure to not zip up the tent, he still wanted an escape route in case his claustrophobia flared up. After staring at the ceiling for a short while, he finally drifted off to sleep too, snoring lightly.

At almost half past two in the morning, a soft rustling stirred Nate from his sleep and his eyes fluttered open slowly. He squinted into the dim orange glow of the tent and soon realised he was alone, Alex no longer by his side. He could hear someone outside, rustling leaves as they moved around, and he sat up to try and see who it was. It was then that he realised the tent had been zipped up and he was sealed inside. Trying to calm himself and not make a scene, Nate reached to pull the zip up only to find that it was stuck in the surrounding fabric and wouldn’t budge. He tried a few more times, his hands shaking more and more with every tug, and the realisation that he was trapped inside the tiny fabric prison quickly fell on top of him like an iron cloak.

As his breathing quickened, along with his heartbeat, and his vision began to blur, Nate saw a shadow appear on the other side of the tent. The outline was unmistakably Alex, with his tousled hair and slim shoulders, and he reached for the zip only to reach the same conclusion as Nate had moments before. The young blonde pulled on it so violently that the entire tent shook and vibrated and Nate wrapped his hands around his knees, eyes tightly closed.

“Nate?” Alex whispered against the orange fabric, slight panic in his voice.

After a few seconds of trying to catch his breath, Nate replied shakily, “I’m here.”

“I can’t unzip the tent, can you do it from your side?”

No response.

“I needed to pee and thought you might be cold so I zipped it up,” Alex quickly realised his mistake and his heart sank as he imagined poor Nate stuck inside, “I’m so sorry I didn’t think! I thought it’d be okay! I’ll go and get Simon, hang on!”


Nate’s outburst stopped Alex from moving and he listened as his love’s weak voice seeped through the tent.

“I don’t want him to know I’m being daft again-”

“You’re not!”

Alex pushed his hand against the tent and Nate could see the shadow of his hand clearly. He reached out his own and pressed it against it, like a prisoner visiting his lover.

“I don’t want to bother Si and Kyle, can you just find something to get me out?”

A wave of nausea hit Nate like a brick to the gut and he rested his head on his knees, chest pounding. He could feel the sweat trickling down his face and back and felt like the air was thick like treacle, making it difficult to take in a full breath. Pretty sure he was going to pass out soon, Nate tried to concentrate on something, anything else. His mind decided that Alex’s naked body would be appropriate at such a time, of course, and he had to force his eyes open to clear the image. He certainly didn’t want to be any shorter of breath than he already was.

“I couldn’t find anything sharp,” Alex’s voice returned to the tent’s exterior, slightly out of breath, “All I could find was a stick.”

He stabbed at the tent pathetically with the twig until it quickly snapped and Nate thought that he would have laughed at the useless attempt had he not been in a major panic. His palms were sweating and he could hear his heartbeat in his ears as his blood rushed to his head, making him dizzy. Outside the tent, Nate could vaguely make out Alex pacing back and forth, his shadow stopping every now and then as he tried to yank the zip free. No use. Nate’s breathing was becoming more and more shallow and he could see the blackness creeping into the edges of his vision like spider-webs making their way across his eyes.

“Nate? You okay?” Alex sounded worried and Nate was sure he detected a hint of guilt in the younger lad’s voice, “I really can’t get in...”

The redhead was too far gone to respond with anything cohesive and so remained silent as Alex continued to babble outside.

“I bet you’re really warm in there, huh? It’s pretty chilly out here, the fire’s gone out. Of course it would help if I had clothes on...”

That brought Nate back to reality with a clunk. He brought his hands away from his perspiring face and frowned towards the shadow outside. Had he heard right? Alex was naked? Why on Earth would he be naked? Surely he’d just misheard him.

“It was really warm in that sleeping bag and my pants were still wet from falling in that puddle so I thought it’d be okay to take everything off. Now I’m screwed if a park ranger or someone turns up.”

“You’re naked?” Nate croaked.

“As the day I was born,” Alex replied, his face turning pink.

The laugh that escaped Nate’s lips wasn’t exactly roaring but it certainly loosened his tight muscles a little and cleared his head enough to see sense. He sighed deeply and told Alex to wake his brother, hopefully Simon would have something to open the tent and free him.

Alex crept up to Simon and Kyle’s tent, everything hanging free, and stood outside of it for a moment. He could hear muffled talking inside and watched as the tent ruffled and shook every now and then. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what was happening inside and he just hoped that they would understand his reason for interrupting. With a deep breath, Alex ‘knocked’ on the side of the tent. Nothing happened. Whatever the two were participating in inside, a quiet tap wasn’t going to catch their attention. The blonde didn’t exactly want to open the tent up and catch them in the act and so he decided to kick the tent a little in the hopes that it would alert them to his presence. He brought his naked leg up and kicked the pole gently. What happened next definitely caught the inhabitant’s attention.

The pole wobbled slightly and then the entire tent collapsed in on itself, poles and fabric crumpling like a soufflé. Alex’s blue eyes widened and he stepped back quickly as the writhing couple inside the tent yelled and struggled to get free.

“Jesus fuck!” Simon’s voice echoed into the clearing, “It’s that zombie bear, I tell you!”

“Get your foot out of my face, fucktard!” Kyle now.

“Well get your face out of my crotch!”

“I’m nowhere near your crotch, idiot!”

“I can’t find the zip!” Alex watched as Simon fumbled around underneath the tent fabric blindly,  “What’s this?”

Kyle yelped and Alex heard the distinct sound of a slap.

Eventually the two men emerged from the collapsed tent like two overgrown babies being born. Simon wore a bright red hand print on his face and Kyle’s shaggy hair stuck up in all directions, possibly from fumbling around in the tent or quite possibly from their activities beforehand. Kyle shivered in the night air and Simon unconsciously wrapped his arms around his lover, despite the two of them being just as inappropriately dressed for the outdoors as one another. Thankfully for Alex, they both had on their jeans (Simon’s kept dropping off as his belt was lost somewhere in the collapsed tent) and were covered up in all the necessary areas. Simon took off his t-shirt and gave it to Kyle, who quickly pulled it on, looking like a child in his father’s clothes. The pair seemed utterly absorbed in each other’s presence until Alex cleared his throat purposefully, gaining their attention.

“Hmm...” Simon looked the naked Alex up and down with a blank expression, “Now what the hell kind of kinky shit are you doing out here?”

“It’s not like that, I-”

Kyle waved his hand and Alex closed his mouth with an audible snap. Quickly, Kyle dipped back into the collapsed tent and re-emerged with a pair of shorts, which he handed to Alex silently. Thankful for small mercies, Alex pulled the shorts on and nodded a thanks to Kyle.

“Sorry about your tent,” Alex stared at the ground as he spoke.

“Don’t worry about it, it wasn’t put up right anyway.”

Simon gasped as Kyle verbally bashed his tent-making abilities but remained silent, knowing better than to question his love. Instead, he folded his arms over his naked torso and turned his attention to Alex. In the dim light it was difficult to see the younger guy but every now and then he saw a shimmer of something on his chest and sides and realised they were all scars, Alex was covered in them. He remembered Nate telling him about Alex’s abusive step father but didn’t realise the full extent of that abuse. It was difficult to look away but he forced his eyes away from the imperfections and spoke up.

“Did you need something?”

Alex seemed to pale and then began spilling words from his mouth, a million miles an hour.

“I needed to pee and opened the tent to go outside and I zipped it up so Nate wouldn’t be cold but then I couldn’t get it back open and Nate woke up and now he’s stuck in the tent and I had no clothes on but I needed to get him out and all I could find was a stick and that was no good so I had to ask you guys and-”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down there champ,” Simon rubbed his forehead and pointed towards Nate’s tent, “Did you say Nate is stuck in the tent?”

Alex nodded, out of breath.

Without another word, Simon marched over to the sealed tent and knelt down beside it.

“Nathan? You okay in there?”

The only response was heavy breathing from inside the tent.

“Nate! Stop freaking out and tell me you’re okay!”

“I- I’m okay.”

Inside the tent, Nate was anything but okay. He was curled up in the corner of the tent with his eyes tightly closed. Sweat dripped from his temples and his chest ached from breathing so rapidly for so long. The sound of his twin’s voice usually calmed him but it sounded so far away that it did little to abate his panic now.

“You sure about that?” Simon asked as he fished around in his jeans pocket, “Because you sound like you’re either having a heart attack or really great sex.”

“It’s- It’s really h-hot in here, Si,” Nate sounded like a little boy again, trapped in the toilet on that plane all those years ago.

“Yeah?” Simon had his car keys in his hand and was starting to use them to pull apart the stitches on the zip of the tent, “Well it’s fucking freezing out here. Whose idea was it to come camping in this weather? Crazy bastard.”

Alex paced back and forth as Simon unpicked the stitches and, after almost two minutes, the zip was finally loose enough to pull free. The elder Laird twin tore the fabric loose and dived inside the tent. Nate sat at the back of it with his long legs out in front of him, he looked like a rag doll with his long limbs lying loosely at his sides. A sheen of sweat covered his skin and his bottom lip looked red and sore from where he’d been biting it so hard. Carefully, Simon pulled his brother into the open air and Nate finally looked a little less like a corpse. A little colour returned to his cheeks and his breathing, although still faster than usual, slowed a little. He was guided to one of the logs and plonked down onto it heavily as Simon and Alex sat on either side of him. His brother rubbed his back soothingly as he spoke.

“You’re out now, it’s okay.”

Nate nodded and swallowed loudly.

“I’m so sorry,” Alex whispered as he placed his hand on top of Nate’s, “I didn’t think. I’m an idiot.”

The sound of Alex’s voice seemed to snap Nate out of his hazy state and he turned to look at the smaller man, green eyes a little wild and wide.

“It’s not your fault, don’t worry about it. I’m fin-”

Before he could finish assuring Alex that he was indeed okay, a wave of nausea hit Nate and he quickly darted into the trees to throw up.

“He’ll be fine, don’t be too hard on yourself,” Simon gently pressed his fist to Alex’s cheek and winked reassuringly at him as Nate returned shakily to sit on the log.

“See,” Nate smiled weakly, “Fit as a fiddle.”

Beside Simon, Kyle yawned loudly and the older twin pointed his thumb over his shoulder towards their broken tent.

“Well, looks like we’ll be sleeping in the great outdoors tonight.”

Simon grinned at Kyle and started to drag their sleeping bag out of the collapsed tent and into the clearing beside the fire pit. He relit the fire and then pulled Alex and Nate’s sleeping bag out too.

“It’ll be a proper camping experience!”

“Great,” Kyle rolled his eyes and shimmied into the sleeping bag, “And if we’re still alive in the morning we can count how many bug bites we each have!”

Ignoring his love’s comments, Simon joined Kyle in the sleeping bag and became the ‘big spoon’ as they both watched the flickering flames of the fire. Within minutes they were fast asleep, Simon snoring softly with his arms wrapped around the smaller Kyle. Alex yawned but tried to hide it from Nate as the redhead hadn’t made a move towards the sleeping bag yet and Alex guessed he was still feeling a little sick.

“Go to sleep if you like,” Nate ruffled Alex’s hair and yawned.

“You must be tired, too.”

Nate nodded, “Suppose so.” He looked down at Alex and smiled, sighing, “Shall we then?”

The pair unzipped the double sleeping bag and crawled inside of it. It was about as wide as a double bed but, once zipped up, pulled them close enough to be touching constantly. Both topless, the bag soon became warm and Nate rested his arms on top of it, struggling to get comfortable. Eventually he stretched out his right arm towards Alex and the blonde subconsciously snuggled in closer to his body, resting his head on Nate’s warm shoulder. They were both so exhausted that the intimacy didn’t seem unusual or extreme and soon they too were fast asleep, dreaming as the flames of the fire died down.

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Chapter 15: The Great Outdoors

The sudden lack of momentum jolted Nate from a sleep he didn’t even remember falling into. Groggily, he blinked and was met with a mop of blonde hair in front of his face. Somewhere on their journey through the trees, Alex must have woken up and Nate had fallen asleep with his head against the smaller man’s shoulder. He sat upright quickly but Alex was preoccupied with something outside of the window; his hands were cupped against the glass as he tried to see through the rain, which had become heavier at some point during Nate’s nap.

“What’re you looking at?” Nate croaked.

Without looking away from the window, Alex replied, “Simon thinks we’re here but there were no signs or anything.”

Unbuckling his seatbelt, Nate squinted out of his own window into the trees. Because that’s all there was to see. Trees. The car was parked in a small clearing of some sort in the middle of a forest. And, although it was obviously a man-made clearing, there were no picnic tables or signs of fire pits anywhere. There wasn’t even litter to show that humans had been there recently.

“We’re lost but he doesn’t want to admit it.”

Kyle’s statement didn’t surprise Nate in the slightest and he nodded silently. It was so like Si to act like a typical ‘man’ and refuse to admit defeat with something like this. He’d always been the same, even when they were small he would take charge and ignore instructions only to end up building shelves instead of a table. His stubbornness knew no bounds.

Nate sighed, “I’ll go and see what the prat’s doing.”

He opened the car door and stepped out into the rain, shielding himself as best he could with his thin jacket. It wasn’t pouring quite yet but there was a thick, wet mist in the air and a heavy sky overhead.

“Si! What’re you doing you knob?”

The elder twin turned away from a sign he’d been reading and stepped in front of it, his large body obscuring it from view. Totally aware of his brother’s attempt at concealment, Nate shoved him aside and read the worn out sign for himself. ‘Welcome to Baywood Forest,’ it read, ‘Enjoy our wide range of activities!  ike Riding, Mo nta n C imbing and  uch more!’ Some of the letters had been rubbed away by the weather but the thing that was most obscuring the writing was the fact that there was a large laminated ‘CLOSED’ sign hammered over the top of the sign. Nate slapped his brother on the back of his stupid head and pointed at the bold red letters.

“Great. Now, what?”

“We stay here anyway,” Simon nodded, his face serious.

“Stay where?” Nate gestured to the empty clearing, “There’s nothing here, genius!”

“We can go into the forest a bit and make a camp there! It’ll be fine.”

Nate groaned and ran his hand through his dripping hair, “Do we have to? We could just go and find a cheap bed and breakfast for the night.”

Using his best ‘older brother’ voice, Simon shook his head and folded his arms, “No, we came here to camp so that’s exactly what we’re going to do.” He tore the closed sign off and tossed it into a bush before marching back to the car.

Kyle looked expectantly at Simon, eyes wide behind his glasses, “So? Is this it?”

“Yep!” Simon opened the boot of the car and began hauling the camping gear and bags out before Kyle could question him more.

Resigned to the fact that Simon wasn’t going to let anyone spoil his manly excursion, Nate grabbed his bag and followed his brother into the dense woodland. Thankfully the rain had stopped but the sky still looked dark and ominous and the ground was squelching underfoot, not something Nate was enjoying what with his knee only just getting back to normal. He stepped over a fallen branch only to stand in a patch of mud and almost did the splits. If it wasn’t for Alex grabbing his arm, the redhead would have been singing soprano for the rest of his life.


Nate took Alex’s hand to find his feet again, grimacing as he put his leg down and felt the twinge in his damaged knee, and found himself grinning from ear to ear when the young blonde didn’t let go afterwards. They walked hand in hand for almost an hour as Simon led them further and further into the forest. When spots of rain began to drip from the canopy, Kyle seemed to finally snap and suddenly dropped his backpack on the ground with a dull thump. He took off his glasses, wiping them with his t-shirt.

“I think we’ve walked far enough into the ‘Deliverance’ forest don’t you, Simon?”

As if he’d been woken from a dream, Simon looked around as though assessing the area and then nodded, “Okay, sure. Let’s set up camp here then.”

An audible groan echoed through the group as they each pulled off their heavy bags and found some fallen trees to sit on. Simon seemed to be in full outdoor mode and the others simply watched as he started to pull out the pieces for the tents. Poles, rods, huge pieces of waterproof fabric and some plastic ties littered the small clearing as Simon tried desperately to figure out which piece fitted to what. After about twenty minutes of grunting and scratching his chin, the older twin’s puppy dog eyes blinked up at Kyle who had been watching him from the comfort of his dry tree-seat.

“What?” Kyle asked, munching on a granola bar.

“Help?” Simon practically squeaked, hating himself for needing to ask.

“Maybe if you tried looking at the instructions you might get somewhere,” Nate interjected sarcastically.

Simon got to his feet, “Well maybe the guy who sold me the tents didn’t have the instructions anymore!”

Nate rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath, “Prick.”

“Now either you lot help me or we’re sleeping in the mud tonight.”

The other three men decided tents were the lesser of two evils and began helping Simon construct them, albeit clumsily and definitely not how the instructions would have wanted them built. Kyle almost put Simon’s eye out with one of the tent pegs, whilst Alex stumbled backwards and ended up with his arse in a soggy puddle. His jeans were soaked and he had to change into the spare ones he’d brought, thankful that he had decided to pack another pair.

After almost two hours of fumbling and cussing and general ridiculousness the tents were finally upright. They weren’t necessarily going to remain that way but for the time being the were in tent-like shapes at least. The four men stood back and admired their handiwork, pride rising in each of them despite their doubts at first.

“Okay, now who wants food?”

Simon rubbed his hands together and started pulling out various packages of food from his backpack. It was almost five in the evening and all that hard work had made them ravenous. He lined up sausages, corn on the cob, tins of beans and a few bags of popcorn as well as a frying pan (one obviously from his own kitchen and not a camping shop) and a smaller cooking pot.

“Who wants to build the fire?” Simon asked as he started opening the food.

Nate and Alex volunteered and headed into the forest to find some wood. The sky was starting to take on an orange glow as the sun lowered and it made the whole place seem somewhat magical, like fairies or leprechauns would suddenly skip past them in the undergrowth. The glow was also making Nate’s hair look like fire atop his head and Alex couldn’t help but smile as the taller man’s freckles became more and more pronounced in the warm light.

“What?” Nate asked as he picked up some dry sticks.

Alex’s blue eyes widened like he’d been caught doing something he shouldn’t have and he blinked innocently at his love.

“What, what?”

“Why were you staring and smiling?”

Alex crouched down beside Nate and gathered some of the wood, “You look pretty in this light.”

Nate almost dropped the pile of sticks and his red brows knitted together, “Handsome you mean, right? In a very manly way?”

“Oh, sure sure,” Alex nodded, smiling, “A very pretty man.”

Carefully, Nate reached above Alex’s head and plucked a dead leaf from his hair before letting it fall to the damp earth. He rested a hand underneath the blonde’s chin and pulled him closer, kissing the scar along his jaw before placing one on his lips too. When he pulled away Alex was blushing all the way to his ears and Nate couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Having fun?”

“Mhmm,” Alex nodded, trying to get his breathing back under control.

“Really?” the pair got back to their feet and started back towards the campsite, “Because we could go back to the car and head home, I don’t mind.”

Alex poked Nate with a stick, careful not to hit his bruised ribs, and laughed, “And miss out on this manly adventure? No way!”

When they got back to the clearing, Simon was sitting on the damp ground with a tin of beans in each hand like he was sacrificing them to some invisible forest god. Kyle was almost doubled over laughing and couldn’t even respond between guffaws when Nate asked what was going on. In the end it was Simon who responded, albeit with a sullen look on his face.

“I forgot to bring a tin opener.”

Nate bit his lip to stop laughter spilling forth and was thankful when Alex spoke up.

“Don’t you have a swiss army knife or something to open them?”

Kyle stopped laughing long enough to wipe his streaming eyes and reply to Alex’s comment, “He bought one specially for this trip.”

“And?” Nate looked at his brother, “Why don’t you use that?”

Simon glanced slowly from Kyle to Nate and back again, “Because I left it at home.”

Another burst of laughter erupted from Kyle and Simon lobbed a can of beans his way, missing by mere inches. That stopped the laughter in its tracks and Kyle was suddenly on his feet, striding towards Simon. He snatched the other can from his hand and threw it into the surrounding woods before kicking the taller man in the shin as he sat crossed legged on the ground.

“You nearly hit me! Twat!”

Instead of retaliating, Simon hooked his arms around Kyle’s waist and pulled him down so that he was sitting on his lap, legs wrapped around Simon’s waist. It was hard to stay so mad at him when they were face to face like that and Kyle quickly caved and kissed the taller man on the end of his sharp nose.

“We’ll make the fire,” Nate said as he quickly averted his eyes from his smooching brother, “Please tell me you brought matches, Si.”

Simon waved his hand in the direction of his backpack, his lips were firmly suctioned to Kyle’s and he wasn’t going to pass up a make-out session if he could help it. Rolling his emerald eyes, Nate retrieved the matches and he and Alex built up the fire, quite successfully if they did say so themselves. Fifteen minutes later sausages were sizzling in the frying pan and the four campers were gathered around the warmth as the sun finally set. It had been an odd sort of day but one that felt like Alex had grown closer to Nate in some ways; they’d held hands more than ever before and the younger man hadn’t pulled away when Nate had initiated the kiss. The redhead was feeling very happy with himself and thought that the moment, sitting there in the warmth of the fire with the stars above, would have been perfect if not for his aching ribs and knee.

He rubbed at the knee as Simon poked at the sausages with a twig and, being the older twin and therefore noticing everything about his younger brother, he gestured towards Nate’s aching limb.

“That bothering you? Take some painkillers.”

Nate shrugged, “Nah, I’m fine.” He didn’t want to make a fuss, especially as it seemed Alex was nodding off to sleep beside him, leaning on him more and more with every heavy breath.

“Oh, really?” Simon took the twig from the sausages and jabbed it straight into Nate’s throbbing knee.

The younger Laird bolted to his feet, knocking an almost unconscious Alex sideways and almost sending the sausages into orbit. Thankfully Simon saved the pork as Nate snatched the twig from his brother and swiped at him with it.

“Fucking arse-badger!”

Simon feigned offence, “Language, young man!” He dipped his hand into his bag and pulled out a bottle of painkillers before throwing them at Nate, “Take some before I chop the leg off and use this pan to cauterise it.”

Nate did just that and was thankful when the pills started to take effect, easing his aching joints. Once the sausages were well and truly charcoaled (Kyle was worried they’d get food poisoning and had forced Simon to burn them to a crisp), they were devoured in seconds, along with the corn they’d each cooked over the open fire, and then silence overtook the camp.

The sun had set and the fire was the only light source, giving them each a strange, almost ghost-like appearance. Sitting on their coats on the ground so that they were as close to the fire as possible, the twins’ hair echoed the fire itself and Alex thought they’d never looked so alike as they did in the light of the fire. He found himself staring between the two as Simon flicked on a torch beneath his chin.

Nate groaned and shook his head, “Oh, Jesus, not this again.”

“What?” Simon looked offended.

“Every opportunity you get to tell a bloody story, you take it!”

Alex smiled and Kyle yawned loudly as Simon ignored his brother.

“I’ll tell you the story of the zombie bear,” he paused as Kyle lay down, resting his head on Simon’s lap, “A terrifying tale of an evil creature that roamed these very woods.”

“Do you have to?” Nate and Alex were sitting on Nate’s raincoat, leaning against a log, and Alex’s eyelids kept drooping as he rested his head on Nate’s shoulder.

Simon continued, “It was ten years ago this very night. A young couple were out camping and were sitting in their tent. As they were about to start having rampant sex-”

“Fuck’s sake, Si,” Nate threw a stone at his brother but Simon dodged it, laughing.

“As I was saying, they were about to embark on a sexy adventure when they heard a strange noise. The bloke, being such a hot manly man who happened to have no shirt on, went out into the woods to see what it was. He returned minutes later bloody, with three huge claw marks down his chest-”

Kyle looked up at Simon from his position on his lap, “Did Wolverine get him?”

“Not Wolverine, no,” the eldest Laird twin grimaced, showing his teeth, “A great bear had clawed the guy’s heart clean out of his chest!”

Alex chuckled but hid it as a cough as Simon returned to the story.

“He died in his girlfriend’s arms and she was left alone in the dark with a monster bear out there somewhere. It came later that night, tearing the tent up to get at her but the girl had left a trap. She sealed the bear inside the tent and set it on fire!”

Nate let out a fake cheer.

“I’m not finished yet.”

“Oh, sorry. Please continue your drivel.”

“Anyway,” Simon stared seriously into the flickering flames, “The girl watched the bear burn and at some point fell asleep, only to awaken to something looming over her. You see, the bear had died in the fire but,” Simon raised a finger in the air dramatically, “It was now a ZOMBIE BEAR! Out for revenge for it’s fiery death! And some say it still roams these woods today, searching for its next victim.”

A pregnant pause of silence.

Nate cleared his throat, “Wow. That was… shit.”

“Hey, be fair,” Kyle took off his glasses and rubbed them on his grubby shirt, “I thought it was stupid, not shit.”

As the others mocked Simon’s tale, he pouted and pulled various faces of disgust at his brother. That’s when Nate noticed Alex softly snoring on his shoulder, his soft blonde hair over his face as he leaned uncomfortably against the taller man. It was a signal that they should probably all sleep and so Nate gently nudged Alex awake, gaining a confused and then embarrassed expression from the lad.

“We’re going to head to bed,” Nate said as he half dragged Alex towards their tent.

Simon looked down at Kyle who was almost asleep and nodded, “Yeah, let’s get some shut eye. Oh, and Nate, don’t let the zombie bear get you!”

Instead of a ‘goodnight’, Simon received a middle finger as they each ducked into their tents, ready to face their first night in the great outdoors.

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Chapter 14: Winding Roads

It had been almost two weeks since Alex’s stepfather had decided to try and destroy everything he and Nate had built up so far in terms of their relationship. Though he hadn’t fully succeeded, the abusive man had certainly managed to drive a small wedge between the two. It wasn’t a tangible wedge, neither man was acting significantly different to usual, but it seemed as though Alex was trying to find distractions whenever they were alone together.

About three days after Jim’s visit, Nate had suggested the two watch a film in bed, obviously with an ulterior motive, but Alex was adamant that the sofa would be a much better option. This happened a number of occasions and Nate was beginning to wonder if there was something more to Alex’s aloofness. Of course he knew that Alex had issues with his body and intimacy and the redhead wasn’t trying to push him into doing something he was uncomfortable with, but he knew they had been closer – both physically and mentally – before the unexpected visit. Doubts were starting to fill Nate’s mind; maybe Alex had lost interest in him? Maybe he wanted someone younger, more playful. Maybe, just maybe, Alex had finally realised he wasn’t actually gay and was ready to fly the nest and hunt for some long legged, big breasted women. Okay, Nate thought, Maybe that one is a little far-fetched.

As he stared into the bathroom mirror at the fading bruise on his face, Nate decided that he was going to ask Alex flat-out what was wrong. There was no point in skirting around the issue if it was just making them both miserable and, although he was terrified of what the answer could be, the direct approach seemed to be the best idea.

Hobbling down the stairs (his knee and ribs were much less painful than two weeks ago but he was still on six painkillers a day just to keep upright), Nate heard voices echoing through the usually quiet house. As he stepped, or rather limped, into the living room he was greeted with a slap on the back from his brother and a sympathetic smile from Kyle. Alex was perched on the arm of the sofa looking through a pamphlet of some sort.

“We’re going camping!” Simon’s beaming face mirrored the one he always wore at Christmas when they’d been small, like he’d just received the best present ever.

Nate feigned excitement, “Woo. Have fun freezing to death.”

The elder twin’s face darkened and he looked somewhat sinister as he wrapped a heavy arm around Nate’s shoulders.

“Oh, we will. Because we’re all going!”


Simon snatched the pamphlet from Alex and shoved it in his brother’s face.

“We’re going to Baywood Forest!” He whipped the pamphlet away from Nate’s face and begin sounding off the various activities listed, “To mountain bike, rock climb, trek through the beautiful countryside and much more! Hear that? Much more!”

The deadpan expression Nate currently wore on his face only echoed the lack of excitement he held. They’d only been camping once before and it had been a total disaster; Nate had gotten food poisoning and was throwing up for most of the week and Simon had fallen out of a tree and broken his arm whilst trying to catch a squirrel. Nate had pretty much made a silent pact with himself never to stay in the great outdoors ever again. As the memories of the trip all those years ago floated around in Nate’s mind, Simon – still grinning like the Cheshire cat – reminded him of them vocally.

“Remember when we went with uncle Rory? You got so sick!” He paused to laugh, much to the annoyance of his brother, “And I caught that squirrel!”

“You didn’t catch shit! You fell out the tree and broke your arm! And the caravan was bloody awful.”

“Ah,” Simon drummed his fingers together like Mr. Burns and grinned, “But this time will be so much better! Instead of a shitty caravan, we’ll be in tents! Like that guy on the tele, what’s-his-face.”

“Ray Mears?” Kyle pushed up his glasses and smiled, obviously he’d been pulled into Simon’s overenthusiastic madness.

Simon shook his head, “No, the one with the animal name… Lion Grylls! No, wait...”

Nate rolled his eyes and tried to flash a smile at Alex who, much to his surprise, smiled back.

“Bear Grylls, Jesus Christ.” Nate couldn’t help but laugh at his brother’s lack of pop culture knowledge. Being a lawyer didn’t really require too much daytime TV watching.

“Yes! Him!” With clawed hands, Simon crept closer to Kyle, like an idiotic bear stalking its prey, “We’ll get back in touch with nature and each other.”

He hooked his arms around Kyle’s waist and lifted the smaller man off the ground with ease, pretending to bite his throat. Nate was pretty sure the ‘no sex for a month’ ban had been broken long ago, Kyle had practically no self restraint when it came to the older Laird twin. Their intimate interaction tugged at something inside Nate and his eyes drifted to Alex. Again, to Nate’s surprise, the young blonde lad was already looking his way with a similar expression. Seizing the moment, Nate stepped beside him and ruffled his hair with only a small flinch from the recipient.

“What do you think?” Nate asked quietly as the other couple fell on top of one another on the carpet, “Fancy getting back to your caveman roots?”

Alex seemed to contemplate for a brief moment and then nodded, “Sure, why not.”

Simon had given everyone one day to get their things together, ready for the trip. He had told Nate not to worry about the camping gear as he knew exactly where to buy tents and the like and so Nate and Alex had filled two duffel bags with t-shirts and jeans and a few extra pairs of underwear.

Nate was currently sitting on his bedroom floor staring at the bulging bag trying to decide whether or not to pack the item in his hand. He’d bought said item a few days after he and Alex had decided to become a couple and honestly didn’t really know what it was for. When he’d asked in the store, a beautiful young brunette lady had pointed him in the direction of the ‘lotions and potions’ and he’d been so embarrassed that he just plucked the first one he came to. Now it felt heavy as he glared at the black bottle, hoping it would somehow answer his queries.

“I think Simon and Kyle are here.”

Alex’s voice made Nate jump and the bottle of lubricant flew out of his hand like a live fish making a bid for the ocean. He swiftly snatched it off the floor and shoved it in his bag to hide it, hoping to god that Alex hadn’t seen it.

“Okay,” the redhead’s voice broke and he cleared his throat, “I’ll be right there.”

Alex’s eyebrow rose quizzically but he shrugged off Nate’s odd behaviour as excitement for the trip and said no more. The pair hopped in the back of Simon’s Land Rover – he had another, less conspicuous car but demanded that he use the ‘outdoorsy’ car for the manly excursion.

“Remember everything, kids?” Simon asked as he turned to his passengers.

“Yes,” Nate flicked the cap that read ‘Camper 4 Lyf’ that was currently sitting atop Simon’s head, “Looks like you left your dignity at home though.”

“Ha, funny.” The driver turned to his co-pilot who was currently drowning underneath a huge map, “Know where we’re going, navigator?”

Kyle sighed, “Can’t we just use the GPS like normal people?”

“Never! We are men and we will act like such!”

Nate snapped on his seatbelt and leaned towards Alex, “4 gay guys in a car, the manliest men you could ever meet.” He winked, gaining a smirk from the blonde, and relaxed into the leather seat beside him, for once thankful for the tight space.

“It’s about three hours to the forest so we’ll stop off for something to eat on the motorway at some point. Tell me if you need to piss.”

And with those dramatic parting words, the four set off on their ‘adventure’.

Almost an hour into the journey and Nate was already sick of the sight of motorways. He could have sworn he’d seen the same family overtake them several times already and was convincing himself that everyone on the road was somehow a clone when a soft brush against his right hand made him turn away from the window. Gently, Alex’s fingers interlocked with his own, sending a warm rush of euphoria and peace throughout his entire being. The simple touch reassured Nate that his doubts about Alex’s love for him had been unfounded and they were both simply nervous and inexperienced in their relationship. It was brand new after all, especially since it was the first time the redhead had ever fallen in love with a man, or anyone for that matter. The relief must have shown on his face because Alex was suddenly beaming, a huge smile plastered on his face as he looked out of the window on his side of the car. Nate squeezed his hand tighter and raised their conjoined hands to his lips, kissing Alex’s fingers one by one, gaining a bright blush from his love.

Satisfied that he’d thoroughly embarrassed the younger man, Nate faced forward to look at more monotonous road through the windscreen, only to catch Simon’s eye in the rear-view mirror. His brother winked and unhooked his own hand from Kyle’s to point towards a service area.

“KFC okay for everyone?”

A unanimous grunt of approval rippled through the car and Simon pulled into the service spot car park. They quickly devoured the chicken and Simon and Kyle waited in the car as the others checked out the little shop beside the petrol pumps. It smelled of bleach and faintly of urine and most of the shelves seemed to be sticky with some unknown substance. Alex drifted towards the magazines whilst Nate eyed the liquor, which all seemed to be severely overpriced and off-brand. He eventually decided against the alcohol as his last experience with it hadn’t been so positive and joined Alex by the literature.

“You buying porn?”

Nate rested his chin on Alex’s shoulder, causing him to jump slightly. He swatted Nate away like an annoying fly with the magazine he held and tried not to blush at the comment. He failed.

“Don’t need it.”

Nate’s ginger eyebrows rose, “Oh really?” He wasn’t used to the flirting but welcomed it nonetheless, “And why is that?”

“Well, there’s a certain redhead,” Alex put the magazine back and turned to face Nate, blue eyes more alive than they had been in weeks, “Quite good looking, tall, a bit clumsy...”

“Go on.”

“Yeah, Simon’s quite a catch.”

Alex grinned mischievously and darted out of the shop with Nate chasing after him (his knee complained but he was enjoying himself too much to care), gaining them a look of distrust from the cashier. They jumped back into the car out of breath and laughing, rudely interrupting a rather intense make-out session between the other pair. Never one to be phased, Simon straightened Kyle’s glasses on his partner’s bright red face and buckled his seatbelt, ready for the next part of their journey.


Trees seemed to be the main theme for the second half of their drive; they whizzed past the car like someone was painting them on the window and the continuous blur of tranquil greens soon sent Alex drifting into a light sleep. His head flopped onto Nate’s arm and so he lowered him down until he was lying across his lap, brushing his light hair with his long fingers as he snored quietly.

“This doesn’t seem like the right way, Si.”

Kyle’s voice broke the ongoing silence and Nate suddenly realised he too had been lulling to sleep. Frowning as he turned the huge paper map around on his lap, Kyle traced his fingertip along a thin line that wound and wiggled across the page.

“I think we should have turned left back there,” he pointed to another point on the map.

“It’s fine, we’ll get back on that road somewhere along here.”

Simon flicked on the window wipers as spots of rain dotted the windows and the sky darkened. It didn’t exactly look like perfect camping conditions and Nate could see Kyle shifting uncomfortably, noticeably looking out for any signs of thunder and lightning.

“Hey,” Simon took Kyle’s hand in his own, “The weather said there’d be light rain. No mentions of a storm, okay?” Kyle nodded, confident in his lover’s words, and Simon continued, “Plus, we’re not going to get lost, we’ll be there soon. No harm ever came from taking a wrong turn.”

“Have you seen that film ‘Wrong Turn’?” Kyle laughed.

“Okay fine. What’s the worst that can happen? The car breaks down and we get eaten by mutant cannibal people, no big deal.”

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Chapter 13: Washed Away


Nate sat bolt upright like he was Frankenstein’s monster brought to life. It took him a moment to figure out where he was and who was speaking but a quick glance at the TV and a cheesy-looking game show host answered his questions.

“Sorry,” Alex was sitting on the armchair, desperately trying to use the remote to turn the volume down on the television, “It came on so loud.”

With a grimace, Nate swung his legs off the couch and sat upright – or as upright as he could get – and ran his hand through his hair. He felt like shit. Something in his side was continuously stabbing into him and his face felt like something had burrowed under his skin and was trying to burst out through his eye. Nothing compared to the constant throbbing in his knee, however. It was swollen to twice its usual size and it felt as though someone had poured broken glass between his kneecap and his skin. In an attempt to try and distract himself from the pain that was trying to force him unconscious, he looked over at Alex. The younger lad still looked shaken up; he was pale and his hands trembled slightly as they fumbled with the TV remote.

“What time is it?” Nate croaked, voice scratchy from sleep.

“About half seven. You fell asleep not long after Simon left so I thought I’d leave you to rest.”

Nate nodded, thankful.

“How’re you doing?” He knew the sudden arrival of his stepfather had shaken Alex up and the knowledge of Nate being the driver of the other car had been a pretty big blow, even if he did say he could cope.

Alex laughed a little, “Better than you I think.”

“Tell me the truth, am I still gorgeously handsome?” Nate laughed but regretted it immediately as his ribs screamed in protest.

Noticing his pain, Alex got to his feet. Of course he hadn’t been expecting to hear the news that his lover had been in one of the cars involved in his mother’s death but he knew Nate wasn’t to blame. Jim, his stepfather, had always been a reckless driver and the news of his mother’s death hadn’t even been that much of a surprise when Alex heard she’d been in the car with him. Subconsciously, however, there was just a little rat gnawing at the back of his mind, working hard to spike his anxiety and trying to find a reason to blame Nate for something. He shook his head, desperately trying to dispel the doubts that were trying to creep in as Nate wobbled to his feet.

“I’m gonna take a bath,” Nate stepped forwards and teetered slightly.

He looked like he might topple over, all six foot three of him about to tumble to the carpet in a heap of arms and legs. Thankfully, Alex hooked one of Nate’s long arms over his shoulders and helped balance him, careful not to elbow him in his damaged ribs.

They made their way to the downstairs bathroom slowly. Alex believed he heard every swear word known to man and some that could possibly have been invented there and then come out of Nate’s mouth as he limped along the hallway. No weight was being put on his injured knee and Alex thought that he should probably go the hospital, what with it being an old injury and all, but he knew Nate would refuse if he suggested it.

“Alright,” the redhead gripped the door frame to the bathroom with a white-knuckled hand and tried to look casual as he clung onto it for dear life, “I can take it from here, thanks.”

“Oh, really?” Alex raised a blonde eyebrow and folded his arms as though waiting for something.

Stubborn as ever, Nate nodded and turned to step inside the bathroom only to catch his swollen knee on the door. More curse words tumbled from his mouth as Alex grabbed him awkwardly from behind. It had been his only option and now the two men stood, the smaller with his arms wrapped around Nate’s waist like his high school sweetheart. Behind him, Nate felt Alex’s cheeks burning through his shirt and wished that the moment didn’t have to be spoiled by the fact that he was so beaten up and bruised. It would have been a super sweet Kodak moment if not for his battered body and black eye. Nate linked his fingers through Alex’s as they rested on his stomach and he sighed, both angry and sad at the knowledge that they would have to let go at some point.

After only a few seconds, Alex unhooked himself from Nate and helped him to sit down on the toilet seat after lowering the lid. Silently, he turned on the bath taps and then a wave of anxiety seemed to wash over him like the steam rising from the tub. Now what? Was he going to watch Nate bathe? Should he leave him be now? Surely it was dangerous to let him climb in by himself when he was so beaten up? He was almost at breaking point when Nate answered his unspoken questions for him.

“Could you help me strip?”

Alex turned to see Nate tangled in his shirt like a fish in a net. The fabric was stretched over his shoulders and only a small crop of ginger hair could be seen poking through the top of it. With his torso completely uncovered, Alex saw the full extent of his stepfather’s brutal beating. An angry purple and red bruise had blossomed across Nate’s ribcage, reaching from just under his armpit to his navel. It looked painful and Alex couldn’t help but gently touch it with his fingertips.

“Ah,” Nate flinched at the touch.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“No,” Nate blindly grasped the air trying to find Alex’s hand and clasped it tightly when he did, “Your hands are cold… Now could you please get this sodding shirt off me?”

After untangling Nate, Alex helped him tug off his trousers, exposing the redhead’s swollen knee. It was huge and bright red with a darker bruise-like colour starting to form behind it. When Alex knocked it accidentally, Nate let out a small groan of pain, despite his best efforts to look like he was fine. Alex then sat on the tiled floor at eye level with Nate’s crotch. His pale grey pants were the only thing separating Alex from Nate’s completely naked form and he honestly did not know what to do with that information. Instead of looking for a solution he just sat and stared like a dog waiting for pizza to drop from its owner’s hands. Not exactly drooling but not as composed as he hoped he looked.

“Um...” Nate hopped to his feet (or foot, rather) and hobbled over to the bathtub, “I can probably get in myself if you want to go.”

“But you’re not naked yet.”

Nate’s teeth clacked loudly as his mouth snapped shut. It was not what he’d been expecting the blonde to say and he couldn’t think of any way to respond that would be appropriate. He saw Alex’s pale face suddenly start to redden and smirked at the obvious embarrassment of his love.

“I just mean, can you get those off by yourself?” Alex pointed to Nate’s underwear.

“Sure I can!” Nate bent to remove the pants but was stopped in his tracks by a pain in his ribs like someone twisting a knife, “Or maybe not.”

Alex swallowed loudly and stood directly in front of the taller man with his hands hovering above the waistband of Nate’s underwear. It wasn’t exactly how he’d pictured his first time seeing him naked but he supposed it couldn’t be helped. His fingers were just about to hook inside when Nate’s hands grabbed Alex’s wrists.

“I don’t want this,” now Nate was the one blushing as Alex’s baby blues looked up at him.

“I won’t look if you want, I’ll close my eyes.”

“No, I mean… I don’t want this to be the first time we do this,” Nate gestured to his crotch area wildly.

Alex stifled a chuckle, “I’m just taking off your boxers so you can have a bath.”

“But I wanted the first time you saw me like this to be, you know, sexier.” His face almost completely blended in with his red hair now and Alex couldn’t help but laugh at Nate’s pitiful expression.

“You’re super sexy, trust me.”

“I am?”

Alex nodded, smirking, “Oh yeah. The whole football knee and bruised puffy face are a real turn on.”

“Oh wonderful, mock the poor broken man some more.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll stop.”

Alex smiled warmly and for the first time that evening looked like himself again. It relaxed Nate a little and the radioactive glow his skin had taken on began to ebb slightly. He reached down and caressed Alex’s cheek, pulling his face closer when the young blonde tried to pull away again. He wanted desperately for the events of that evening to have been a dream, a terrible nightmare that hadn’t really happened, but if they were to be real he didn’t want them to ruin what they’d managed to build up between them for so long. Nate loved Alex and he hoped the feeling was mutual.

“Please don’t stop,” Nate leaned down a little, ignoring the aches and protests of his beaten body, and kissed Alex’s lips gently.

There was a little protest from the blonde at first, a tiny voice in Alex’s head still gnawing at him, trying to convince him that he should never be happy, never feel loved. But he shook it away and deepened the kiss, wrapping his hands around Nate’s waist gently so as not to catch his bruises. A little shocked at the sudden cooperation of his love, Nate threaded his fingers through Alex’s hair and held him closer; he wanted to keep him that close forever, keep him safe from anything that threatened to hurt him ever again. The moment lasted for just that, a moment, and ended with Alex threading his fingers down Nate’s underwear and pulling them off in one swift movement.

Neither man spoke. Alex was crouched at Nate’s feet, having pulled down his pants, and Nate was standing awkwardly on one leg, completely naked. They both resembled tomatoes as their blushes deepened and only a small ‘huh’ escaped Nate’s lips to break the silence. Alex’s eyes remained glued to the tiled floor as he desperately tried to decipher why he’d thought ‘kegging’ Nate would be the best solution to their dilemma. With no clear answers springing to mind, he remained at Nate’s feet and tried not to die of embarrassment.

“Well,” the redhead put his hands on his hips and chuckled, “That’s one way to get them off I suppose.”

“I’ll give you a hand getting in the bath.”

With the grace of a drunken ballerina, Alex spun so that he was facing away from Nate and stood up before turning around. He wasn’t quite ready to be face to face with his naked crotch just yet. Gently, he anchored Nate as he stepped into the bath, noticing the small tremors of the taller man as he rested some of his weight on his injured leg. The warm water seemed to help, however, as the crease between Nate’s eyebrows that had been present since he’d woken up faded and his eyes drifted shut.

“Oh my God that feels good.”

“I’ll leave you to it, then.”

Alex turned to leave Nate to his bathing but a damp hand wrapped around his slender wrist and pulled him back.

“Stay… Please?”

“Want me to make sure you don’t drown?”

Alex teased and turned on his heel only to catch his foot on the discarded underwear on the floor. Three things happened: the young blonde toppled over the edge of the bathtub, Nate braced for impact and the two men ended up face to face in the warm, bubbling water.

“That did not just happen!” Alex groaned and pushed his dripping hair away from his face as Nate bit his bottom lip to keep the laughter in, “Don’t laugh, idiot!” Alex scolded as he splashed water into the redhead’s bruised face.

“I’m sorry!” Nate swept his own hair back with his wet hands, revealing his handsome yet battered face, “But that was fucking hilarious. You looked like Bambi!” He laughed loudly but his damaged ribs protested and he was soon reduced to a small chuckle.

Alex rolled his eyes and tried to stand up but was stopped by a strong hand on his arm. Gently, Nate pulled him closer and into another warm, wet kiss. His hands seemed to move on their own as they slowly travelled up Alex’s shirt and began to unbutton it clumsily. The soaked fabric clung to Alex’s torso as Nate peeled it off, revealing the mottled and scarred skin beneath. Their kissing came to an abrupt halt and Alex tried to pull the shirt back over his chest but Nate held it out, firm. Drips of water ran down the blonde’s chest, following the various fissures and patterns of the scars, and Nate watched almost fascinated by their movement. His long fingers reached out to trace some of the marks but Alex suddenly moved backwards, his back knocking the taps awkwardly. He sat between Nate’s legs, his own curled up to his chest.

“Sorry, I don’t think I can… No one’s ever touched me like this before.” He gestured to his broken torso, “Not gently, anyway.”

“You know I won’t force you to do anything, right?” Nate’s green eyes flicked down to the scars again but he forced himself to look away. “I just… I want to touch you, to hold you.”

Alex nodded, “I know. Just, not yet, okay? Not after everything that’s happened today.”

With his hands raised in defeat, Nate nodded and smiled. He knew it would take time for Alex to open up to him completely and, oddly enough, he felt like he could wait for eternity for that time to come. Wow, he thought as he watched Alex climb out of the bath tub, I’ve really fallen for him.

“You getting out now?”

Alex’s question threw him off a little, and it took Nate a moment to gather his thoughts.

“Might as well. I feel like if I stay in one position for too long my bones will heal and I’ll be stuck like that forever. I at least want to be in a cool pose.”

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